Examination cell

The Examination Cell is an autonomous Cell of University. Dr. Pradnya Dandekar, Professor  & Head of Department of Kriya Sharir is the In- Charge of Examination Cell M.G.A.C. Dr. Shweta Parwe, Associate Professor, Department of Panchakarma & Dr. Nilima Wadnerwar, Assistant Professor, Department of Agadtantra  are the members of the Cell. All the team of Examination Cell is working under the guidance of Dr. D. A. Biswas, Convener of Cell, as per the guidelines of University. The students are evaluated by three formative & one summative examination in their 1 and ½ year tenure and evaluated by three formative & one summative examination in their 1 year tenure. All the examinations are conducted at Examination Cell of University, behind auditorium, JNMC Campus. The result of the examination is displayed on website within 15 days after completion of examination. All the efforts are taken by the cell members to maintain the confidentiality & transparency of working of Cell.

Dr. Pradnya Dandekar
I/c Examination MGACHRC

Evaluation is making a judgment about the degree of merit or worth of the information collected.

Formative Examinations Internal Assessment (at the end of the terms)
Summative University Examination (at the end of academic year)
Must Know 60%
Desirable to know 30%
Nice to know 10%
Marks for attendance shall be computed as
For 3 marks For 5 marks
Below 75% 0.0 0.0
75.1 – 80 % 1.0 1.0
80.1 – 85 % 1.5 2.0
85.1 – 90 % 2.0 3.0
90.1 – 95 % 2.5 4.0
95.1 – 100 % 3.0 5.0