1. Free of cost registration, consultation & admission.
  2. Indoor facilities with 180 beds in general and special wards.
  3. Well-equipped Panchkarma Centre.
  4. Well equipped major and minor operation theaters are available.
  5. Ksharsutra, Agnikarma and Jalaukavacharan facilities are available.
  6. Physiotherapy facilities are available for IPD and OPD
  7. Free of cost transport services are available on 22 routes in Wardha district and nearby districts.
  8. Free of cost medical checkup, multi diagnostic and specialty camps are arranged.
  9. Yoga and Pranayam facilities are available for patients and healthy persons.
  10. Vandhyatwaniwaran Kendra (Infertility) and Garbhasanskar Facilities are available.
  11. Swarnaprashan immunization is provided on every Pushyanakshatra for boosting the immunity of the children, 9 new centres for Swanprashan vaccination are also started in the district.
  12. For Asthma patients, free of cost medicine is distributed on Kojagiripurnima at midnight
  13. Raw drugs are cultivated and supplied to institutional Pharmacy and Hospital.
  14. Tablets, Capsules, Syrup, Ointment, Liniments, Granules, Qwath, Chawyanprash, Gulkand, diabetic kadha and more than 184 medicines are prepared in our home  pharmacy.
  15. Family card, DADY card, Maher card facility is available.
  16. Kits are available for various diseases like J-kit, Y-kit, CP kit and Swarnaprashana kit.
  17. Patient’s Feedback is also considered on OPD and IPD level.
  18. Village adaptation programme is also run by university for health purposes of the society.
  19. Geriatric OPD has been started.