Dattatraya Rasashala

Dattatraya Ayurved Rasashala is established under the ambit of MGACH & RC in 2006. It is established with the purpose of providing the authentic & standardized medicines to the patients approaching to MGACH & RC at economical reach. The working of Rasashala is gradually increased from 20 products to 162 products at present. In view of high demand & gradual increase in the products, a new set-up with more than 4800 sq. ft. area is constructed for Rasashala. New Rasashala is inaugurated on 19th Feb 2013 by the hands of Hon'ble Chancellor Shri Dattaji Meghe and the facility is approved by FDA             (Licence No. – NG/AYU/002/14) and granted license for manufacturing of 7 dosage forms.

Dattatraya Ayurved Rasashala is engaged with research and consultancy activities with Pharmaceutical companies. It is sharing its facility for Formulation and Development of Novel herbal formulation for Pharmaceutical companies through MoU. Rasahala has MoU with four reputed industry for Research & Development of Formulations and Manufacturing.  Also Dattatraya Ayurved Rasashala is engaged in standardization of Raw and Finished medicines of Pharmaceutical companies and contractual manufacturing for Herbal Pharmaceutical Companies.

The Dattartaya Ayurved Rasashala has achieved expertise for the manufacturing of Ayurvedic medicines in modern dosage forms such as Ointment, Tablets, Capsules, Syrups as well as traditional dosage forms such as  Kwatha, Churnas , Taila & Ghrita, Avaleha etc. Rasashala is also working for innovative dosage form development and in preparing formulations required for PG research activities.

The Major Sophisticated Instruments available for Formulation and Development in Rasashala are

  1. Micro Pulveriser
  2. Multi mill
  3. Vibro shifter
  4. Electronic Mass mixer
  5. Auger Filler Machine
  6. Jacketed Manufacturing vessel
  7. Colloidal Mill
  8. Double Cone Blender
  9. Jar cap(Modern Mawa Machine)
  10. Pulp Making Machine
  11. Manual Capsule filling machine
  12. Pill Making Machine
  13. Tablet Coating Pan
  14. Manual Mass Mixture
  15. Dehumidifier
  16. Tray Dryer
  17. Oil filling machine
  18. Cap sealing Machine
  19. Homogenizer
  20. End runner mill
  21. Planetary Mixture
  22. Tube filling machine
  23. Tube Sealing Machine
  24. Wad- Induction Sealing Machine
  25. Foil Sealing Machine
  26. Batch printing machine
  27. Label Gumming Machine
  28. Blister strip packing machines
  29. Electronic Pouch sealing machine etc
The Quality Control and Assurance section of the Dattatraya Ayurved Rasashala is equipped with highly sophisticated instruments and equipments like Flame photo meter, Tablet dissolution apparatus, Tablet hardness testing machine, Tablets disintegration test apparatus, Distillation apparatus, Clevenger apparatus, pH meter, Soxhlet apparatus, Conductivity meter, Muffle furnace, Electronic balance, Percolator, Refrigerator , Vernier caliper etc. Along with QA and QC of Rasashala products, this section is also working for institutional, academic and professional research scholars in analyzing various medicaments.